by Holly Benson

190 words (1-1.5 minutes)

      The smart ones are like me, carefree and immature. It's funny, many people say "immature" like it's a bad thing. I never understood why. I'm proud to be the way I am. People might make fun of me and talk about me behind my back, but, you know what? Secretly they wish they were just like me. They wish they could act the way I do and get away with it. They feel like they need an excuse to act immature. Some people use alcohol or drugs. They get piss-ass drunk and act stupid, and get away with it because, GOD NO!, it's not THEM... It's the alcohol.

     Do you ever notice the way adults act around babies or puppies? Babies and puppies give them an excuse to act young again. It would be so much easier if people would just be themselves all the time and stop pretending. It's sad how people feel they have to change their personalities to fit into society. I say, be the person you were born as and nothing more. It's true, it's real, it's HONEST.

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