Mary it was never like it was supposed to be
The writing was on the wall
And we walked around
In these silly little circles
Refusing to acknowledge it at all

And time ticked by
On a speedy racecar track
Never wavering a bit
And the last time that I saw you, Mary
You broke into a fit

And look at me Mary
Look me right in the face
Did he hurt you Mary?
Did he want a taste?
Did he scold you Mary
When you asked him how
Did you leave him Mary?
What are you gonna do now?

And you sit like static
In a shiny silver bowl
Your eyes are fixed
Your hands are cold
You ask me how to handle this mess
You've got to see him tomorrow
In that faded dress

So he told you Mary
You were the last to know
He was leaving his carnage
All over your soul
Did you want to kill him
Right then, right there
Did you try to Mary
When you saw his stare?

"Are you alright?" he said.
"It's a shame, but I have to go.
I'm really sorry you know."

And look at me Mary
Look me right in the face
Do you see him there
Frozen in place
It's your chance now Mary
To show him how
He hurt you Mary
What will you do now?
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