My Dad Left the Country Today
by Samantha

490 words (3-3.5 minutes)

      (At first numb, and non feeling, almost monotone) My dad left the country awhile ago. He promised he’d only be gone 3 months. The family was brave at the airport. We all acted like we knew we would see him again in a few months. (pause) My mom was probably the biggest mess. She was the only one who fully understood the danger he was about to head into. (pause) It’s been six weeks now. My mom won’t watch the news anymore. (now angered and disgusted)She says she can’t stand the thought of the deaths of people we know, people with families, being brushed off as a (almost spit the word out in a show of great disgust) simple casualty. (numb again) The last time we heard from him was two weeks ago. He told my mom that things were crazy over there.(trying to make th best of things) He said there’s a lot of good being done though. He told me to be good, and keep an eye on my sisters for him. I promised I would. (now getting emotional, as the memory of something long hid!

den is being forced to the surface) I told him that even though we didn’t get a chance to talk a lot, that I was happy he was my dad and that I was so very proud of him. He didn’t talk for a little bit after I said that. I thought the signal had gone out, then I heard him whisper, “I love you Kiddo.” That was the last time I heard his voice. (pause) (numb) A soldier came to our door this week. It was Saturday and his deep voice woke me up. (excited) At first when I saw the familiar green uniform I thought it was my dad.(began fast and then slow speech) I ran downstairs, but stopped before the last step. My mom was crying and the soldier wasn’t my dad. (let the emotion spread now, anger, sadness, confused...)By the look on the man’s face I knew what he had come to tell us and I didn’t want to hear it. I ran upstairs and turned on my music as loud as I could. I wanted to scream, wanted to blame someone, ANYONE! I hated everyone that did this to our family! (with clenched teeth)

) I hated them all. I wished they all would die! That all of them could experience the pain that was searing through out my blood! That they could feel even one part of the anger, and hurt, and tears that were climbing down my cheek without any control! (sobbing, but almost numb again)I climbed back into my bed, hurried under the covers, took some deep breaths, and tried to think of something else, (through tears) anything else. I tried to forget everything…everything. (close eyes, deep breath, and open eyes, say next line as if you have forgotten everything you just talked about) I’m still waiting for my dad to come home.

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