I am a Dancer
by Lyra

172 words (1-1.5 minutes)

     Yes, a dancer. That's me. Oh, you don't believe me, though! So I'm a sworn chick-junky and that's all you see me as! You couldn't do in years what I have done in one week. Let me see YOU dance like God Himself sent you on a mission to do it! I have! And God never sent me on a mission to do it! This is the last you'll ever see of me! You will never see what I have done! I am only the grade-A chick-junky who sits in the back of Algebra class writing poetry about how much I hate this world! And still I dance.

You haven't seen the bloody stubs that I have for toes! You don't see the grace and resilience of that anorexic girl whose clothes are hanging off her because she's so small and her family is so poor. Is that all you've seen. No.

You watch me dance across a stage like it is my last, and very last ray of hope! Because it is.

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