Dear Mister William Goldman
by Matsuko

(1 minute)

      Dear Mister William Goldman,

I hate you, and yet I envy you at the same time. You lied to us and we believed. That is probably what you wanted wasn't it? You tricked me. You tricked me just like Inigo tricked Fezzik in the zoo of death. You made me belive that florin was this real place, guilder too. You made me belive that the cliffs of insanity, the farm, the cave, all of the places were real. You know that I cried that day? I cried the day that I found out you tricked me. I cried like you said you cried when your father wouldn't read to you. I thought I would go on forever but it probably lasted less than a minute. And I felt all of this, but I envy you. In a strange, despicable way. Because you did it so well. You wrote it so well that it sounded as though you actually were editing it and not making it from scratch. But I still say shame on you! For making an almost twelve year old cry, and die...inside.

Your broken hearted reader, Shannon O'Conner

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