The Diner
by Ava Lindt
Estimated Length: 3 minutes

     (Elaine Dietrich is sitting at a table facing sideways as if she's in a diner. She has a coffee cup in front of her and a newspaper. She is reading the paper as she starts talking. She's in business attire.)

If it wasn't for the diner, I'd have no place to go. It's almost all right to be eating alone there. To be half-heartedly browsing through the paper, with the paranoia seeping in because the people behind you are holding hands and laughing at one another's jokes. I just moved here, so I don't know anyone. And it's not okay not to know anyone in a small town. But that's just how things go sometimes, right? I moved here for the job. People do everything for the JOB. It's like we work and work and work to have a few hours at home and then we go to work again. I have a nice cubicle job at the big headquarters here. I bought an ivy at Ned's Drugstore to put in it. Why do they always put headquarters in tiny little suburbs like this.

      What do they expect people to do? Go out alone? Try to entertain themselves alone and still look respectable and socially adept? Well, I will tell you one thing, it's quite impossible to look socially adept when you are all alone. I have such a hard time dealing with this. Why did I move out of Boston? Oh yeah, for the job. For the extra ten thousand bucks a year. Is it worth it? Hmmph. (shaking her head, goes back to reading her paper, looking up because she gets distracted by all the people who know people.)

     (looking up from her paper at an imaginary man)Hmm.. that one is kind of good looking. And all alone. If only I had the no no. He's probably waiting for his little Sally Lou, or maybe his sick mother. I shouldn't..... I... But what do I have to lose? One guy? People like it when you approach them, don't they? And I look okay today. Don't I? Well the best I can look with that horrible bathroom light at my house. I hope my mascara isn't running, I did have my face over the tea. (Takes out her mirror)... I don't know if I was crying before or not. I really should get some washable mascara. Well, here goes nothing! (exits stage)

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