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"Nanna Skov" <nannaskov@hotmail.com>
To :  emilypicha@hotmail.com
Subject :  Re: nanna, ay nanna
Date :  Mon, 03 Dec 2001 21:09:19 +0100

I know exatly what you mean, and i understand that you feel alone in my world, sometimes people can be so cold in denmark!!!

but hey, the thing about my family, my mom told me that it went pretty well (thats what she thinks) so next time or very soon, ask them if you can spend christmas with them, if you can move in.....if you want to, i mean, you shouldn't be with the other family in christmas...and if you want to, then i think that my mom and dad would like to have you...so think about it!!!!

I feel so lonely too, but it comes in periodes, you know! like you have a really great time, and then you come home and everybody is so...i don't know, angry like as if you are bugging them with your present or something! but i'm not mad at all at my mom and dad, because they have been following all of this trouble for so long and they would just want me to be allright again.....and they are not forcing me, just trying to do something to help me.....maybee i even want them to ask me to come home, you know, because then i have an excuse! but i know one thing, and that is, that i'm NOT spending my christmas in this house, i refuse to do that!!!! never! so i hope that i will get a new family inthis week!

about the thing with your exchange friends, i know what you mean and they are always the ones who understand you the best, so it must be hard for you that you don't have anybody like that close to you as you can talk to.....is there any of the danish people who you feel close to? dn't you worry and lets keep in touch, i hope that you will move to my house soon, if that is what you want and that it will be better for you too...

the thing is, that maybee 'm even happy that my mom and dad maybee will ask me that, because then i can say, "i'm going home because my mom and dad asked me to, because they were worried about me, and they were right" but its not that simple!!! i know that...

oh, i gotta go! by the way, have you talked to the rotary if you can skip clases sometimes?just sometimes, if it gets to hard!

my problem on my school, is that we only have two breaks in eight hours and they lock the doors when we arrive in the morning at 7 o'clock, so i'm caught in there undtil 14.30 without being able to go anywhere....it doesn't feel like a prison, it IS a prison! they don't even have anywhere were you can go to relaxe, because the school is so strict, but i also see the other way around that it can be very lonesome with all the breaks cause who will you go and talk to?

write to me soon, and tell me how you are doing...and who is our boyfriend? is he fro denmark or from the exchangestudent program?

good luck to you too


ps. i hope that if ou move with my mom and dad, you'll have a nice time!

    From: "emily picha" <emilypicha@hotmail.com>
To: nannaskov@hotmail.com
Subject: nanna, ay nanna
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2001 20:36:44 +0100

kære nanna,

og så skriver jeg på engelsk, fordi det er mit bedste sprog (verdad???).

i was at a rotary meeting tonight and tilma said he was really concerned about you. he said he was going to talk to jes and get him to talk to your counsellor or district counsellor. i feel so bad that you have to be in this horrible family and that there is no way out. the only solutions i have for you is talk to your friends at school and see if they might host you for a little while until you figure things out. it must be so hard being so far away and trying to work things out. i do not think you should come home though. i think that things will work out before the end of the month, and if you don't want to come home, your parents SHOULD NOT make you come home. this is your year nanna. and although it depends on all these other people to make this fragile web of CRAP that we face (real parents, multiple host parents, 2 counsellors, kids at school, other exchange students), i really think that this is still your year. after hacking through the stories you send (ikke den flottest til dansk endnu, specielt når jeg først kom), it looks like mexico has taught you a lot. you are learning spanish, taking taxis, eating (in my opinion), the best food in the world. this is a once in a lifetime thing, and i know you are tired of it and you know (me too, today i almost started crying in math.), wait a week and see how you feel. i am sure it will be different. the situation is nok slemt, and so there has to be a solution soon.

i know what you mean about school being a prison, and i really don't have it bad at all. it's just no one bothers to be nice and say hello. and then what is there to say? i don't know. it's hard. the subjects i am taking are BORING. Useless for me, since i just tune them out. physics? what the fuck. math? it's hard, but i klar mig en gang imellem. do you ever feel like this exchange is set out to show you everything you are NOT GOOD AT!!! To show you your weakest areas, and force you to work on them? I am so lonely in your world Nanna! Danish people are sometimes hyggelig, rigtige søde. but sometimes i am soooooooooooo lonely! and with the family i have right now, i feel sometimes like i rent the room, nothing like a daughter or even a third cousin. The exchange students live far away, and that is not why i am here. but it's so damn easy to think about them all the time, and to try to be with them all the time. and now i even got myself a fucking kærester. what the hell do i do about that?!?! he lives in sorø, and i can never see him. i wonder what your parents will say about that?

anyways, your family was really nice. your brother seems pretty cool and your parents too. i learned a lot of danish in those.. ehh.. 6 hours! and the food was better than this family. i am looking forward to being able to choose whether or not to eat meat. i wish that i could see you again before i leave (but i better not because i hope you don't come back early!!!!). i will do my best with your family and i am sure everything will be fine. i will also probably ask you for advice now and then.

buena suerte!
held og lykke!
good luck!


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