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From : 
"Nanna Skov" <nannaskov@hotmail.com>
To :  emilypicha@hotmail.com
Subject :  Re: FREDErikSSUND siger HEJ!
Date :  Fri, 14 Dec 2001 15:15:10 +0100
Emily, you have to do something then, cant you say that you want to move to my family right away??? i mean, nobody told my mom and dad either and they dont know about all of that! to me, it seems like its the same problem you have as i used to have! refuse to move and say that they can do better than that, because they have to do some more for you!!!!!god damn! i think its so unfair that you have to try that too......anyway is it ok if i ask my mom and dad if they maybee could take you as a daughter now, so you could spend christmas with them? i just want to ask, i mean maybee its already too late, but i could always try....

try to look at the good sides, do you go to partys and all that in the weekends? and isnt there some good friends at the school? i think you are really good in danish, but dont talk so bad about it, its a language too you know. is mike from usa? oh i have to go know, i have class...oev!!!

write to me soon and tell me how you are doing.....and hang on, i so hope itll be alright when you move...

yours Nanna

    From: "emily picha" <emilypicha@hotmail.com>
To: nannaskov@hotmail.com
Subject: FREDErikSSUND siger HEJ!
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 13:08:22 +0100


ikke så meget at sige, jeg vil bare gerne at sige hej og at jeg har det fint. ikke "godt," men godt nok. ok jeg vil lige forklare....

i hate that i suddenly have to switch host families, it's annoying. but what is more annoying is that nobody told me until 2 days before. and i am only going to be there three weeks, i barely know them and yet i have to treat them like parents....blah so it all feels a little sour in my stomach. but whatever. i get to see mike tomorrow and that's enough to cheer me up. and i also feel a bit better at school which makes me happy. i found a nice happy medium between english and danish with a few people so we just chatter on and on. i want to travel so bad though, and i am so excited that i may get to go to london with mike over winter break. yeeps! he has some family over there and i also have some family friends there. what do you think your family would say to that?

today i have to go to copenhagen and return a coat, and also talk to SAS about my plane ticket home. blahs and more blahs all around. i will try to live vicariously through you, getting to spend xmas with a bunch of people who you will live with for a couple months. not your family of course, but it's mexico, and it's warm (HA I HATE YOUR DANISH WINTER!) not a 3 week long host family that was enlisted into having you. oh but i survive..... and your family and i will get along just fine, i think. well, go to my site and read the essays and look at the pictures. then sign the guestbook with your golden charm.

i love you + write soon with gossip and new news.


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