The day smokes the sun
Until the embers
Are mere ashes
Scattered across the endless canvass
Called sky
And you were standing there
Hopelessly stoned
But only so you could stare out at the stars
And more easily connect the dots

She was crying
But it was just so hard to look at
One arm was flailing and cursing
And laying the guilt trip on you of
"How could you!?!?!?!?!"

And her face was just so
Muddy and hazy and ugly
And you wondered
Who she had become
This walking catastrophe
Of some stale relationship
That refused to leave your view

So you took the liberty
Because you were so tired
Of her and her pitiful face and her misery
And proceeded to ask her
If she could please keep quiet
Because she's missing so much
Carrying on like that
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