Magical Fairy
by Angeline & Raychel

243 words (1.5-2 minutes)

     You think I have a problem??? What about YOU??!!!! Don’t you find it a problem not to be able to put the toilet seat down? Is that so difficult? You’d think after wasting your time lifting and working those muscles, you’d be strong enough to put the toilet seat DOWN! Or maybe even consider putting away your dirty clothes in the hamper. What do you think, that there’s some magical FAIRY that comes every night to put away your clothes??? Your dirty, NAPPY, skid marked underwear, in that amazing little contraption over there. Yeah, you probably think I’m the magical fairy, huh?? Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is none!!! I’m not a god damn magical fairy. Do u see wings on my back???? DO YOU!!!??? I’d bet you’d like me to be a fairy, huh? Frolicking around in a pink tutu obeying your very whim and command. Ain’t gonna happen buddy!!! How about this…. Next time YOU feel like having me do whatever YOU want, I want you to put on a tutu and frolic around, cuz that’s the closet t! hing you’ll ever get. You know what, I can’t even look at you right now. You are so dirty, so foul, making comments on my behavior. So can you please just leave my sight and get out of my house. (in softer tone) And uh…. While you’re out honey, can you get me some pads?? Thanks sweetie. You’re the best. ( big smile)

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