Soon we will wonder
What happened here
How can we have so many fences
Dividing this land
Stacked up, congenial
I knew it was just the first try

I'm staring out at the clock tower
Trying to decipher the time
When two little thin gypsy things
Ramble up to me

I wish that the time
Didn't ask so much of the light
And that the darkness
Could somehow overcome
Hours changing colors
A blue moon 11 p.m.

She feels his hands on her
And she doesn't see anything
She doesn't how to do this
How can you do this
To me

So we can laugh
Or we can die here
Or we can just dream
And watch the fears paint themselves
On the wall
And smear like little fingerpaints
Our hearts spilling across it all
And I can see you now
I love the way you look in the sunshine
Hours changing colors
A blue moon 11 p.m.

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