Faith in Flowers
by Shannon S.

378 words (2.5 minutes)

      (From stage right, a girl walks out in jeans, t-shirt, and an apron. Her hair is a bit mussed, her hands a bit dirty. She has a flower in her apron pocket. She is carrying a bucket with a rubber glove hanging out the side. She crosses to center stage, puts the bucket down, and looks about ready to scrub the floor. She stops suddenly and looks at the audience.

     Oh, hi! I didn't see you there! Welcome to Mr. Fernwick's Flower Haven! My name is Laura, how can I brighten your life today? (giggles) Okay, that is corny I'll admit, but my boss, Jim, he says I have to say it to every customer...not like we get many these days. Why's that? 'Cause it's the new millenium! Nobody really gives flowers anymore. I mean, for example, my sister, Erika, works at that fancy electronics store down the block.

     Every night at dinner she tells me stories of how husbands or boyfriends come in and buy a romantic CD to apologize for a fight with their sweetie, or how a nine-year old boy walks in with a wad of cash to buy mommy a new DVD player for her birthday. He gets it from his dad who's in the next aisle over. I don't think a lemonade stand could make four hundred fifty dollars and ninety-nine cents... it just isn't possible, you know? But for four dollars and fifty cents, he can buy her a nice bouquet all by himself. I know my mom would appreciate that more. I mean, I don't believe anyone has faith in flowers anymore?

     But enough about me, what can I do for you? We have this great special on lilacs: you get two for... huh? (long pause) oh, I don't know if he's in... (calls into the back) Jim? Jim? The landlord's here. He said that if you don't have the rent today. Jim? He's not here, apparantly. Please, if you just wait until tomorrow... ! Oh, you've been waiting for a month.... Well,yes I understand. The computer place bought us out... I see... yes, I'll lock up... (takes the flower from her pocket and places it on the table) Here... a freebie... if you put it in water right away, it'll keep for a while. Makes a nice centerpiece. Your welcome.. and thanks for stopping by! (wipes her hands on the apron) Now to start packing up, and... what's this? (picks up paper on the table and reads) "Now hiring: Virtual Boutique Inc- send your loved ones gifts online for half the cost..." (smirks) Huh.. welcome to the twenty first century.

(picks up her bucket and walks off)

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