On top of Green Hill
by Taraly

369 words (2.5 minutes)

      On top of Green Hill, I like to watch the sun set over the corn fields. It melts like butter and I always expect them corn kernels to start poppin'. Some think I'm strange-like, but I knows I ain't. It's just the way I feel sometimes. Just like when Momma's makin' chicken pot pies and the kitchen smells like bread. I get a warm fuzzy feelin'. Not the same kind of feelin' I feel when Jay Bird speeds by on his motor scooter. He can't wait for the day when he gets a real motorcycle. And in I way . . . I can't wait either.

      Sometimes I wanna bring him up to Green Hill and make him watch the perdy sunset, as it fades... all quiet-like... and the stars begin to shine... like diamonds they says. In a way, Jay's like my own diamond. Yet he don't know it. Don't reckon if he ever will. He's so beautiful... yet he don't know it. Don't reckon if he'll ever know that either. Someday I hope that he'll kiss me. On the lips. I want that more that anything in the whole wide world. I pray to God every night that he will. I says to God I says, "God, perdy please send Jay Bird into my arms tomorra'. Make him want to kiss me... on the lips. Cuz that's what I want more that anything in the whole wide world right now. More than candy. More than presents. Huh... even more than for Aunt May's hip operation to do good for her body. In fact... I don' mind if you let her die. She can die if you want her up in heaven with you. Though I don't reckon if you'd like that. She's always yellin' and screamin' about...(long pause) well I seem to have wandered off... So what I want the most in the world is Jay Bird to kiss me. Amen".

      And maybe some day he will, but until then it's just my lonely self who will sit on top of Green Hill and watch the perdy sunset as it fades into the night.

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