Grisefest (Pig Party)


please excuse the læck of grammergrh and spalleeng corrections,
e-mails at 2am by confused udvekslingsstudents are like the following.

So today was the craziest day so far. "a day of celebration." Started off with a brunch at my "aunts" house. it was to celebrate this little kids birthday. so we go there and proceed to stuff our faces with danishes, open bread sandwiches, coffee.. and then i get poured my first shot. these last 24 hours i have taken a lot of alchohol. last night my host mom and i sat buzzing at the table together just gabbing after a beer. then today at brunch i got my shot of gammel dansk (rum). they were like, do you want more? and i was like...dont think i wanna be drunk for the

WEDDING. So I go home a change into some burgundy velvet thing and go to Græse Kirke, this typical danish church, so damn cute. there are always little cemetaries in the grounds and they feel so good to be in. there are plants growing and LIVE flowers and nicely trimmed hedges. i dunno, i love it so much. and everything is in danish, so its like: niels søndergaard, elsket og savnet...

so the WEDDING! I get crammed into this row with 5 other people. and lucky me the guy sitting next to me has some disorder so i end up crammed against a pipe! haa. so the ceremony was boring. the reason i was there is that the bride is my next familys daughter. my new big sister in a few months. she had a kid at 19 and so in denmark, they usually wait to get married until they have kids. so the kid got water on his head and the couple got hitched. the minister was a woman and she had this crazy ass collar that looked like an accordion. she sang a song near the end with a guitar that went something like this: " jeg elsker gud fordi han har...jeg elsker skole fordi..." basically i love this i love that. and everyone repeated afterwards.

yeah so then we go to the reception and i talk to this old man who i practically had to lick his ear before he would hear me. he told me about berlin and how i should go there. i want to go so bad! The history there seems so damn alive. i think my gymnasium is going on a studytour there. so thats rockin. i think they also go to italy, slovenia, hungary?? aH!!! i am so down. so the reception was boring, i didnt know anyone. it was really uncomfortable in a lot of ways. i ate a lot of tuna sandwiches.

after that we go to the GRISeFEST! and this was the craziest part of the day. we get there and the panoramic view is this, a lot of old people sitting around drinking, a giant pig disembowled and being grilled, a bunch of people squatting around a campfire making snobrød, basically grilling bread dough over a fire and eating it.

so then we finally get to the table and it starts raining like crazy .and the plastic over us is dripping. so we just move the flower vases to the drips. then the meat comes out, damn i always thought that pork meat was red! (my host dad informed me otherwise) damnit i just swatted a fly into the keyboard and now it will die with the tapping of these letters. grr.. yeah i swear i am learning more than i ever wanted to know about the killing of animals. and denmark is the best example of humanity out there. i will not ever eat meat in the USA. Yuck.

Then out comes the alcohol. I get a nice fat glass of wine. I dont want to drink that much around these adults, it just would feel weird to sit there and be like, ergh??i speeaaaki daynush!!

then i guess this is the only part i really wanted to tell you, my host dad comes out with the pig head on a plate and a banana in its mouth. and proceeds to kiss it. i guess he was drunk. and also, its tradition. they have been having the same exact party for 10 years but at different peoples houses. for the rest of the night i shudder at the pig head, that keeps moving around.

the adults get really drunk. i get really tired. this woman comes over and lays on my shoulder and says, " do you speaaak eenglish?" and i say, do you speak danish? and we proceed to "talk" for 20 minutes. we end it with me saying, "well do you like germany." and she says,"no but i like my boyfriend. hes over there! now i have to piss. farvel."


i go on a walk with my host sister and talk about the boy that keeps caling her on her cellphone. we get lost and its okay. we end up leaving at 1:45 am after way too much food, drink, candy, smoke. i had some really good times talking to my host dad about the differences between dk and usa. then i tore the labels off all the beerbottles there. and believe me there were many. by the end the adults were dancing half naked to the beach boys and tina turner. (woo...)

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