(a "found" poem I wrote while listening to a lecture in Economics.)

Do you think you're haunted maybe?
You hang everything up and everything's so confusing
This is gonna like ruin my day
Miracles could occur
Things have always been the way they are
I will avoid that
Things are scarce
Human wants are infinite
Resources are finite
Original sin, baby, original sin
People are basically bad
Until they achieve salvation
You are corrupt, you are evil
We are never satisfied-insatiable
Provide us with our dinner
Demonic, materialistic interest
And that's it.
They're here because somebody can make money
So, back to scarcity
Who answers these questions?
What do we mean by liberty?
To solve these problems
There's a free for all
Everyone for themselves
Acting in their best self-interest

The easy way
I theorize that after that
This is what they had to do
Bring it back
A polite way of saying
Going for the shortcut
You could guess
A secret entered
The hurrah, we WON!
It needs to be mentioned.

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