You cross your arms in the kitchen as the haze falls all around and I look at you suspiciously like, "Hey, where are you hiding all that I admired so well?" And your profile seems amazingly bland and your voice cuts through that lazy air and as it reaches me I realize you aren't worth my time.

There are voices in the hallway and you leave not a moment too soon and I sigh as the door clicks and watch your shadow in the streetlight. And there is something positively breathless about these moments. I just cannot get enough air to satisfy myself. And my god there is a lot of truth in what you said, that people project images of each other so they can believe what is the easiest. Then truth always smacks us in the face. And I wonder who you were then and who you are now and how I was that na´ve.

And of course the lesson today proved 10 seconds of realization and a whole lot of release. back to poems