She tells you a lot
About her days all the time
This poetry she's been living
Could be called sublime

And she sits in her springtime
A beautiful release
She sings a note of satisfaction
Just as happy as you please
And she tells you this story
Of a new romance
How they drove through the rain
Of that drunken-splendored dance

She has been found after so long.

He says that the stars
Will someday come down
And inhabit all the streetlights
And make no sound
the people will come out
Into the daytime of night
And he and she will be dancing
In the starlight

He paints her this picture
Of a lone cypress
She feels burning in her cheeks
And clutches her dress
He takes her around the waist
She is crying now
She's been longing for these things
Her little world never would allow

And she feels his smile
And she turns around
She tells him she's finally happy
That's she's been found

And we don't know the ending
They say it's just begun
But you can't help feeling jealous
For her springtime that has sprung
And you go for a walk
To the top of the hill
And look out at the city
Everything is so still

You have been found after so long.
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