Hey there!
by Emily

     Hey there, mister. Yeah you, that's who I'm talking to. You don't come here often, do ya? You look like one of those "straight-edges." Haha. Yeah, well, I could show you a good time. I dance here, did ya notice me on stage before? Don't pretend you didn't enjoy it. I saw that huge grin on your face a minute ago. Well, you look like the kind of guy capable of having a good time, just needs to be loosened up.

     Don't worry, I'll take you under my wing. I'll show you the town and make you happy...What? Don't walk away from me, I'm talking to you! Ok fine then. Hmph. Never did like that type of men. I shouldn't try to step out of my league and neither should he. (looks around) Hey, you over there!

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