Jello Jigglers
by Ava Lindt
Estimated Length: 2.5-3 minutes

Okay Maddy, just add up the ice and the water so that it goes to that line. Yeah, that one, right there. Okay, don't touch that bowl or else you might scald yourself. Just dump it in real easy, just like that. And then stir it until the ice cubes melt. Yes, now Mommy just has to get the mold ready, just keep stirring. (turns away from daughter)

Maddy! Just what do you think you're doing?! Don't look at me all innocent like that. You may NOT stick your little sister's dolls into the jello pan. I told you that last time, this is special. Mommy only does this kind of thing for special occasions, like Daddy's work potlucks. Good thing it hasn't set yet. I should just put it in the--

Yes, I know that you think that Barbie looks pretty with red hair. Red is the new blonde, they say. I know, I've read all about it. I just don't think I'd look that great with red hair. I have such a rosy complexion. Don't you think it would all just run together? Seriously, the only people who look any good with red hair are pale, freckly people. But maybe I could get your Daddy back that way. Hmmph! A fire goddess! A forest nymph! What would I wear to go with it? Don't you think that you would have to coordinate your entire life around having red hair? Especially if it was fake. I'm just not sure about that. Yes, but Maddy Barbie looks pretty no matter what she does. Even if she wore a bubble wrap mumu, with snakes coming out of her mouth and a mohawk, Barbie would look pretty. Barbie doesn't get zits or allergic reactions to hairdye. What I wouldn't give for just a... I don't think I should be talking to you about this, you don't really understand anyway. (doodles around in the kitchen, away from Maddy. Turns around)

Maddy! Do not stick your face in the Jello! This is for Daddy's work thing. Besides, you could have been blinded with who knows what kinds of chemical additives, carcinogens. Thank god it hasn't set yet. If it did you would have to go to your room, or worse, maybe I could make you wash the dishes.

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