My little boy Ben
by anonymous

243 words (1.5-2 minutes)

      (A young mother is talking to the police about the kidnap of her three-year-old son Ben.)

It happened in a flash. One second my little boy Ben is happily holding my daughter Carrie's hand, and the next he's gone. I had come back to my hometown for my ten year high school reunion. I still couldn't believe it had been ten years when I had left high school. I was in line to pay for my stay at the local hotel, so I turned to Carrie and told her to hold her little brothers hand. Little Ben gladly held her hand as he hummed the theme song from Barnie. He was so cute when he's bored. I turned around and payed my bill.

When I turned back Ben was gone, and Carrie was crying quietly. I calmly asked her what happened, not knowing what I was getting myself into. She responded that a woman came up to Ben and picked him up. Carrie had let go of his hand because Ben was fidgeting. I sucked in my breath sharply. My heart stopped abruptly.

At that moment my life ended, and started all over again. The sweetest little boy in the world, my little boy Ben, wouldn't even have the privelage to be with his own mother. The most deserving child in the world, wouldn't even be allowed to hug his mother. And it was all my fault. I shouldn't have let go of him. I shouldn't have turned around, even for a second. It was all my fault.

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