Little Brother
by Samantha

282 words (1.5-2 minutes)

Hey...oh, oh yeah I'm ready! My names Summer James and I'm 17 years old.Im still in high school so I still live with my parents.Just a little kid...(laugh).Well Here i am at group therapy so i should just really get to the point.OK.About six months ago me and my brother Sam oh yes hes 14...well he was.We were really close and and it was just one of those school days coming home.We threw our stuff down,ate,and went straight to the bike jumps!It was so fun!So we were at the jumps and i was watching my lil bro do his "thang" when all of a sudden he falls!I  was scared at first but he just shook it off and told me to get a band-aid. He never did know how to ask...(laugh)!

So i went to get the band-aid and everything was going cool.When i got it i ran straight to him, but it seemed i was running to nothing.He wasnt there.I  just figured he was at his friends or at the bathroom or something like that! So i started calling his name.Two hours past there by myself of "just calling! his name!"....I  got really...really scared.So i went home and told my mom and dad.My mom freaked and went straight to all of his friends houses...he wasnt there,so she got some neighbors to look for him which then turned into the whole block...he wasnt there,we called the cops,its been six months!(shaky voice)Hes still gone...I love my brother.So much...I  miss him.I dont know whether hes suffering,sad stressed,hurt!I dont know whether hes dead,cold,raped,or even tortured!I look happy on the outside... but, on the inside... im dying...dying.So me cope with it.

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