I Finally Lost It
by Jacqueline

(Kyla, a 16 year old 11th grader at East High School tells how she lost her virginity to a F**K**G loser.)

     It was homecoming night and me and some friends were leaving and this hot guy walks up to me and tells me that I'm beautiful. His name is Michael. He then asked me where was I headed. I replied, "no where special unless you have something in mind?" He told us that there was this cool after party on 32nd and Fillmore. So we all piled in his car and headed over to the party. When we got there, Michael stayed with me whole time.

     All night we kicked it and danced. Then it was time for the party to end and Michael asked me for my phone number. I gave it to him. About a week later we hooked up. At first everything was cool. Then one day we were chilling over at his house. Supposedly we were there by ourselves or so he said. We begin to kiss and he caressed my body. Then he pulled out a condom. I jumped up real fast and I explained that I had never had sex before. He explained to me that he wouldn't hurt me. So I went with the flow, and boy oh boy did it hurt.

     Later, we were in drama class and we were about to start watching a movie when Michael jumped up and replied I got a great movie we could watch. So everybody told him to put it in. He put the movie in and it was ME and MICHAEL!!!!! I was so humiliated I kicked the T.V. over and ran out the class. Michael came running after me saying "don't cry, you've just been played!" I can't believe he did that to me. Now the whole school knows and taunts me about that video. I promise I'll get Michael one day.

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