This is a collection of my 27+ original monologues plus over 70 submitted monologues. Naranja started five years ago as a small project by a frustrated high school drama student. It has since evolved into a full-fledged collection with about 500 visitors a day. Don't forget to tell your friends and leave comments everywhere!

Dramatic Monologues

Daughter Weapon (new!) (1m)~ Celia yells at her husband after he uses their daughter to force a divide between them.
Little Bits of Maysie (new!) (1m)~ Alex is the last person to think that the recently deceased can still hear what we tell them.
Breaking (1-1.5m)~ Carla comforts her friend on the phone and tries to say the right thing.
A Letter (2m)~ Maria reads a letter she wrote to her sweetheart she can never see.
The Car Thief Incident (1.5-2m)~ Amanda is mugged gives a testimony of the event, fearful and enraged.
Spilt Tea (2m)~ Zoe vents about adolescence and what being careful has brought her.
Ditched (2-2.5m) ~ Silvia endures the woes of being ditched by your friends for boyfriends.
Beauty (3m)~ Sasha rants about the popularity contest at her school.
Mom? (3m)~ Lucy talks about the loss of her mother and tries to be strong.
Remembering (3m)~ Lina faces the reality of her father's Alzheimers.
Under Her Spell (3m)~ Anna wonders about the perfectly intelligent people who only fall for good-looking ones.
The Fat Girl (3-3.5m)~ Melanie, the notoriously "fat" girl at her school, tries to figure out why people make fun of her so much.
Waif Girl (3-4m) ~ Lindsay talks about her "obesity."
Glenda (4m)~ Glenda confesses a drinking habit an an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

Comedic Monologues

Toast(new!) (1m)~ Anne gives a toast that starts off on a funny note but gets a little too candid for her fancy audience.
Peggy (2-2.5m)~ Clara vents about being followed around by the class dork.
I've Got E-problems (2-2.5m)~ Anti-social net addict Carrie wants to get out instead of living an e-life.
Hallmark Holiday (new!) (2-2.5m)~ Lonely, love-obsessed Paula makes a statement about her least favorite holiday.
Jello Jigglers (2.5-3m)~ Is red the new blonde? That's what mommy heard.
Sick of the City (2.5-3m)~ Libby is sick of Chicago, sick of her life and of her surroundings. She needs to get out.
Rush Hour (new!) (3m)~ Nina is infatuated with a stranger on the train.
The Diner (3m)~ Elaine tells of her inability to meet new people in her small town, when an eye-catching man walks by and well..
The Dogs (3m)~ Pauline recollects an interesting encounter involving ALF, howling dogs, and snails.
Delinquent (2.5-3m)~ A mother expresses her anger toward her teenage delinquent daughter.
Stood up, Break up (3-3.5m)~ Sidra is stood up by her boyfriend, the very last straw.
Ms. Perking (3-4m)~ Wretched Ms. Perking meets her class for the new school year.
The Mysterious Speck(4-5m)~ Oh no! Wendy Badoosh sees UFO's while gardening.

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