Breaking Down
by Ava Lindt
Estimated Length: 1.5-2 minutes


(Carla sits or stands centerstage with a telephone reciever in her hand.)

She's breaking down. I can hear her sharp breaths on the phone, little muffled sniffles. She's asking me what to do now. But it's no problem of insert card A into Slot C and clap once. I'm trying to be a friend and I'm trying make her see common sense, too. I hate to be stern, but it's been one too many, "You don't deserve this but you'll get over this" in the past week. She has to get over it. She has to tell him that he's broken her little heart and that she needs him to get the hell out of her life.

People are these complex pools of emotions. Reminds me of DNA. There are different levels of every mood, and different ingredients to every day. And she always comes to me to sort out her body chart, to make sense of her baking skills. But she's on the other end of the phone desperately waiting for my brilliant answer.

I am the The counselor, The guide. I feel the problems too, but I am not involved in them. I'm getting a headache thinking about all of this. Blame and self-pity is flowing out of her mouth. I ask her repeatedly.. "what are you going to do next?" and she says she doesn't know, do I know? What would I do in this situation?

And I wish humans had an on and off switch for these kinds of things.

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