The Car Theif Incident
by Ava Lindt
Estimated Length: 1.5-2 minutes

(Amanda is sitting in a chair facing the audience. There is a pantomimed camera there that she is talking into, and a police officer sits behind the pantomimed camera. She is scared, nervous, but has a drive to find the man who mugged her the day before.)

     Okay, should I go now? Is the tape ready? Okay. Well. Okay. Ahem. I was walking to my car yesterday, thinking of the days events and rolling them over and over in my head. How Marc decided he just HAD to take my assignment, how Nellie flaked out on our lunch date. These big issues were overflowing in my brain as I approached my little Toyota and started to unlock the door. Long story short--I wasn't paying any attention. I felt a sharp pain on my neck. I felt cold, I couldn't breathe really. I didn't dare look at the source of this pain. He grabbed my wrist, pressed all of his weight into me and got the keys out of my hands. He said, "Get away from the car." and proceeded to shove me aside while he stepped into my Toyota and pushed the key in. I was too freaked out to say or do anything. I stood frozen for what seemed like an hour, finally called my fiance, crying hysterically and babbling. And now I can't even remember what this creep looks like. I just have this cut, officer. From the blade. I just have the fear, officer, of a day that was supposed to be like any other day.

      And now a lot of things have changed. I took the bus for the first time in my life today. I eyed everyone with frenzy and fright, knowing that that man could be out there, sitting next to me on the bus, walking down the street. I bought some mace yesterday, not like that would help now that I know my reactions to a blade. Now that I know my fear.

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