Q: Are these monologues from plays?

A: Unless otherwise states, these monologues stand alone. They are a product of a girl who likes to write but who doesn't have enough time to develop them into full-length plays.

Q: Who wrote these monologues?

A:The ones divided into comedic and dramatic were written by Ava Lindt, also the creator of this site. All the ones on the bottom were submitted to me by various people. You have to e-mail them for questions about their monologues. I know nothing about them except for their e-mail address.

Q: Who are you?

My name is Ava Lindt. I was born in Northern Wisconsin. I started writing monologues when I was fourteen after being inspired by the lack of monologues on the web. Most of these monologues were written at that time. The website grew over the past four years from a small collection of monologues to submissions and over twenty five original monologues. I have since moved on and have been writing music instead. This bio was inspired by a few emails over the past few months. It is not much of a bio, since my writing career has been rather short.
Q: Will you write a monologue for me?

A: As much as I would like to, I don't have enough time to write custom monologues for everyone. All that I have written are on the page. There are none "hiding."

Q: Are these monologues published?

A: No, they are not. I do not care about copyright laws or any of that with these monologues. They are for everyone to use. As long as they are being used I do not care what people do to them. Alas, The Mysterious Speck was published by Meriwether Publishing in a book called Monologues for the Millenium.

Q: Can you help me find a monologue from a certain play?

A: No I cannot. I can only say that there are some sites in my links section that will lead you to monologues from published plays. I know nothing of the kind.

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