Little Bits of Maysie
by Ava Lindt
Estimated Length: 1 minute

Alex met Maysie at their family reunion. They were cousins. He or she feels a strong attachment to Maysie because she died so quickly and everyone around her is trying to get as far away from her memory as possible.

Maysie, Maysie, Maysie. I hardly knew you up until the last few weeks and now, geez, you're down in that dirt now. And it's like you're clawin' at me from the inside. And Maysie I wonder, if I stare at the dirt long enough and it starts to move, is that the earthworms eatin' you up? Because if it is then I think I must be darn privileged. There aren't many people who can appreciate what the worms really do for us: erase the traces, and the memories. (Pause) And I keep telling myself, I won't talk to dead people (laughs), you've got enough company around here. But Maysie, I will talk to you, at least until you're ready to be alone. Because I think that I am the only person who still thinks you can hear us. Geez. What am I doing? Is it a choice to talk to you, or is it an order from the high, high spirits above to keep you company. Ah Maysie, I really don't know what I have gotten into. You and me are going to be lonely.

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