The Truth Behind Perfection
by Milica

226 words (1.5 minutes)

I'm so fat, it's disgusting! I look like a giant whale. I can't believe no one realizes how fat I am. Why would they? They all think I'm perfect. No one's perfect, especially not me. But they all think that. Every single one of them. They look at me and they think I must be perfect because of the clothes I wear and because my boyfriend is captain of the football team. They wish they could be like me. If they knew what it was really like, they wouldn't want to be like me at all. They don't know the truth. They don't know that I hate looking at myself in the mirror because instead of seeing the "perfect girl" they see, I just see one big, fat lie.

That's all my life is. A lie. They think I'm confident, I'm not. I hate the way I look. They think it's so easy for me to get good grades, they don't realize I stay up all night studying. And they think my parents are so cool and that we make the "perfect family." I'm not perfect and neither is my family. My parents are ge! tt! ing a divorce because they can't stop fighting. They just fight, and fight and fight. I can't take it anymore. I hate my life! I hate it... I hate it!!

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