Hospital Room A40
by Azhelle, Azhelle's web site

324 words (2 minutes)

      His room number was A40, I remember because it was right next to the vending machine...and boy was I starving. I put the coins in as a voice said, "Get me one?" I looked up at him, and he laughed. "I'm only kidding." He came and sat next to me, telling me to loosen up. At first he thought that I'd been diagnosed with some deadly wasn't until later--after I'd fallen in love with him, that I found out...he was the one on death row.

We'd been dating for 4 months--as much as one can date a hospital patient, when he was able to go home. When I asked him, to spend the night with me--he refused...and I cried. Then, he told me--that he had lied--he didn't have cancer. He had HIV. He told me he loved me, and I told him, that I'd rather be with him now, than never. I told him I loved him and that he was worth my life.

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