Annie's Baby
submitted by Brittney Harris

248 words (1.5-2 minutes)

I just got the heads up that this is not an original monologue by Brittney Harris but rather was taken from a book. Before I decide what to do and look into the ramifications, I wanted to at least put up a notice citing where she got it: from the book Annie's Baby: the diary of Anonymous a pregnant teenager by Beatrice Sparks.

      Annie: It’s pretty exhausting getting Lil’ Annie up, feeding her, then getting myself ready for school. Then toting her stroller and my books and stuff onto the bus, then to the corner closest to our school and walking four blocks. Then mom after school, after dragging all that junk home, I have to straighten the house, help with dinner, washing and it never ends. It never ever ends and there’s never anytime for me anymore! It’s like I’m in a time wrap in cyberspace or something. It’s just that I’m so tired all the time. I’m just wore out mom, to the point that sometimes I can’t even undress myself for bed. And do you what’s the worst part, it’s when Lil’ Annie doesn't wanna go to sleep, but just wanna keep on whining.

Whatever made me think that me... just a dumb, dumb, dumber than dumb kid could... FOR TWENTY-FOUR HOURS OF EVERY! EVERY! EVERY! EVERY NANOSECOND AND MINUTE OF EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY DAY FOR THE REST OF MY KID LIFE HANDLE ALL THE PUKING AND POOPING ! AND WETTING AND SCREAMING AND BAWLING AND BATHING AND WASHING AND CLEANING AND FEEDING AND HOLDING AND ROCKING AND WALKING...I’m not me anymore, I’m’s like she grew inside of me like a cancer or something that was a part of it’s like science fiction, I’m a part of it...her...the thing...I’m not me!!!!! I’m...I don’t know what I am, BUT I JUST WANT TO BE JUST ME AGAIN.

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