What are you auditioning for?
by Rose

255 words (1.5-2 minutes)

      (Dramatically, as if auditioning for the mirror) To be or not to be?! That is the question...whether tis'...whether tis'...oh crap! (Talking to herself in the mirror)God Lorainne, I knew this was going to happen. You have to know what whether tis' by tomorrow! I don't want it to turn out like it did at that middle school audition when that guy ran off the stage to get away from you and you followed him! Remember? You kept babbling those three lines over and over!

Now, I really like you, Lorainne, I really do. In fact, if I wasn't you, I would want to be just like you. But for God's sake! You have got to learn this. Either that or find a new career after years and years of unsuccessful misfortunes. This is the audition of your life! This is the audition for your life! Are you ever going to surprise anyone?

(Reading from a script again, almost crying) Whether tis' nobler...Whether tis' ...nobler. (Throwing the script down in anger) Yes! Alright, Lorainne, surprise them! Make them see you like I do.

How can you want something so much that it hurts you? How can you say, "Alright, look at me. Tell me if you like this girl at all. I will listen intently to your criticisms...you must know better than I do if I'm worth it after all." They always say, "We'll call you!" They never call me. The phone never rings for me. So when am I going to stop waiting? Anyway, I'll learn from this one. Thanks for your consideration.

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