Boy's Life

140 words (1 minute)

     Why do they do it? These men going around in this...what, military crap? You know, zippers everywhere, combat boots, flak jackets. I mean people died in those things. Their heads, they tilt their head back just a little looking at you like "Hey baby, you like this? I'm dangerous. Don't mess with me." Who are they kidding? I mean really dangerous people, they don't look like that, they laugh at people like that! And you see them in stores or they are getting their hair cut going, "I wanna look like so-and-so, like a rock star or a killer." Right, like a killer. Why is that? Why do they wanna look like that? Do they think it's attractive? Am I supposed to fall on my knees because they look so dangerous? Can't they see how cruel they are?

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