Cat's Meow
by Kim D

190 words (1-1.5 minutes)

      So I see you standing there with your black studded belt and tinted glasses and I know you lied to me. Because I can see it through your body language, through the way you hold your head high as if you really are the cats me-ow. You promised me you wouldn’t change. Stay 100% original, no strings attached. We’d throw the ball around in the park and I’d feel free, freer then I felt on the back of your Harley. Tim you always tried to be someone else, and I thought sometimes that maybe you were just to scared to be you. (Mad) And I hated you for it!! Here me, I detested you!! I loathed you with all my heart and soul.

(Quietly) But there’s only a thin line between love and hate. I knew you didn’t want to be that guy, and sometimes I blame the school. All those damn stereotypes that pinpoint us. He’s a nerd, he’s a jock, he’s a prep, why can’t he just be damned Tim Hodgens? With his big blue eyes as clear as the sky and always curious, and that smile that lights up the whole room. ! Well you won. You got to be that Mr. Big, that dirty talker, that guy who everyone claims they’d trade shoes with in a minute. (Pause) But ,you lost me.

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