The Perfect Couple
by Sena

320 words (2-2.5 minutes)

(This is real stuff, so say it like you mean it, and if it doesn't mean anything to you, don't say it at all)

      I am worried about my boyfriend. He is anorexic and bulemic, and I think he is suicidal too.He also drinks. Dut does anyone else know or care? Hell no! It's all on me, his ever-perfect girlfriend. Ok, yeah, I know i am skinny. People have told me that a hundred and one times, "You are so skinny and perfect. I wish I had your body, you're so tall! you could be a model! How did you do your hair like that?!"

     We are both super popular. The couple everyone else is jealous of. We are so incredibly alike. We get up, earlier than everyone else, starving and exausted, and we don't eat. No, eating is definately not perfect. Fat people eat. No, we shower and fix ourselves up just right and pick the perfect outfit from our thousand dollar wardrobes. He gets in his expensive car and picks me up.

     I am actually happy to be with him. We understand eachother, but I dont think he's the one who worries about me. I guess it's because he has so much else to worry about. He is so perfect on the outside and so scared on the inside and only I see it. I wish I could make him happy, tell him I love him, that he has to live, for me. He always says he wants to die. Sometimes I want to, too. Some day, after high school, we are going to leave here. We are going to go somewhere where we can mess up our hair and burp and fart and talk about not-so-hip things, things like our dreams and our feelings, and we will eat and eat and eat, and after we won't puke at all because it won't matter when we are old. We will still love eachother, and we won't have to be perfect.

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