Am I Crazy?
by Brittney Harris

486 words (3-3.5 minutes)

      (Sharon is at the psychologist’s office, waiting for him to arrive) Sharon: Hi, I’m Sharon...I’m fine...Well, um I’m here because the doctors over there at the hospital said that I have a problem...Well, they are saying that I’m crazy and I know I can’t be crazy...Ok, it’s actually a very funny story. You see it all started when I was at the doctor’s office waiting to be called in for my routine check up ‘cause yÌknow what happens when we don’t get routine check ups. One day you think you’re healthy, the next you end up with a fatal disease like PUBERTY! (Shiver with fear)

Anyway, so while I’m sitting there I get this feeling that someone is watching me, and then I notice from the corner of my eye the guy beside me was staring at me. So, I turned to him and waved hi. He returned the gesture and I just kept on waiting. AND then this horrible, ear drum aching sound kept going off it was like(make annoying sound) and then I noticed it was coming from the guy I just spoke to. So, I politely turned towards him and asked him to STOP! He did and I just went back to waiting. Then, that noise started again. But, I was the smart one, he tried to annoy me but I didn’t let it get to me. Even though he started to move in closer to me and even though he was making THAT SOUND directly in my ear, it still didn’t get to me. It was going on and on and on for about 5 seconds and it was starting to get to get me. So, I decided to again ask him politely STOP! When I turned to him, he was right in my damn face making a retched look to go along with that horrible sound. It was like (make a crazy-looking face). I couldn’t take it anymore.

SO I got up and started to beat the crap out of him and then... And then I fainted. When I woke up I was in a white room, wrapped in this white dress; it looked like something from France. It had little buckles on the sides. They called it um, um,... Yes, a straitjacket. It was quite cute. Do you think they might have it in blue? Anyway, my doctor came in and ask me what happened and I explained to h! im that this guy was driving me crazy, making all these faces and obnoxious noises. And you know what he just started laughing. I mean actually making tears. Like something was funny. I asked him, “What was so funny?”; he said that it was no one there with me, it was in my mind and I was making it up.(Start laughing) I said “Oh that is Funny!” And then he asked me “Why are you laughing?” And I said because that’s not the first time that has happened to ME before!

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