by Kasheera Hickson

243 words (1.5-2 minutes)

      Kylie walks in on her dad having sex with another woman. She tries to explain why he should feel bad about it on account of her hard working mother. She has his gun that she has taken from the kitchen table.

What the hell is she doing here dad! You think you can just run mom around doing errands for you, While you sneak a goddamn quickie on the side. Mom.... has dedicated her life to keeping this family together. While you just keep screwing it up. Literally! And don’t give me that innocent I’m not doing anything wrong look or tell me not to raise my voice at you like this, because you damn sure deserve it! So what is this one’s name. Is this last week’s Brenda or yesterday’s Lilly. (Beat)

I don’t really give a crap what your name is hussy! It was a rhetorical question. (Holds up the pistol) I just want you out of my mom’s bed. Now! Oh, no you wait there, here comes mom now. (Hollering) MOM DAD’S HAVING SEX IN YOUR BED WITH ANOTHER FILTHY TRAMP! (turns back to her father) AND YES I DID SAY ANOTHER. This not a first. She’s number 1635. (Beat) (Her mom walks past her and hops in the bed) What? You are all going to have a what! All now that’s DISGUSTING! This family is psychotic! I’m taking the first train outta here, (Yelling at there backs ) AND DON’T MISS ME. (Beat)

Well I’m happy you won’t! Good Bye! (They are all in bed now. Walks a few steps out of the door then returns) Can somebody loan me travel money? Sighs Well than I hate all of you! (Falls to the floor with hands in face) Blackout

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