The Diamond Earrings
by Sara Sellar

519 words (3.5 minutes)

      (A girl named Tara is desperate to borrow her roommate Mel’s diamond earring‘s. When Mel says no Tara takes them anyway then has to deal with the consequences.) Tara: Hey Mel, I have the most exciting news. Mike is taking me to dinner at this surprise restaurant where he says that once I get there it will be the most romantic evening I’ve ever had. He says he’s going to be downstairs with a limo at eight and he wants to see me in this hot new dress he bought me, (spins around) do you like it? (Pause) thanks, I love it too. (Pause) of course I thought about that, but I don’t want to get my hopes up, I will be so crushed if he doesn’t ask me and it will ruin an awesome evening. (Tara pauses for a moment trying to get the courage to ask to borrow the earrings.)

Anyway, Mel, I was thinking that seen as how this actually might be “the night” I might be able to borrow those diamond earrings, they would go so great with my gorgeous new dress. (Listens to Mel then gets a disappointed look on her face.) Oh come on Mel you know that I am responsible with everything I borrow from you. (Pause) Of course I know how expensive they are, I promise I will come back home and put them in your jewellery box before I go anywhere else tonight. (Pause) Ok, do you know what, never mind Mel; I think I have some other earrings that will probably go. (Pause) no, no don’t worry about it, its fine. So it looks like your getting ready to go out with Rick tonight. Ok well I guess I’ll see ya in the morning. (Pause) Of course I’ll tell you what happened, well have a good night. Bye.

I can’t believe she wouldn’t let me borrow those earrings. You know sometimes she can be such a tight ass. (Stops and thinks for a min and then a smirk appears on her face.) But… She’s not coming home until the morning. (Stops and thinks again.) I can come back here right after dinner and put them back just like I told her I would do in the first place. What harm can it do, what she doesn’t know can’t hurt her right? (With a big smirk on her face she walks to a door opens it and goes to a table and opens a jewellery box and gets the earrings and puts them on.) Oh god I love these earrings, Mike is going to be all over me tonight.(Admires herself in the mirror touching her ears then one falls out and Tara falls to the ground.) Huhhh oh my god, oh my god. It fell down the vent. Dammit, Dammit, Dammit, What the hell am I going to do? How am I going to get that out of there before tomorrow morning? Ok, ok I will just take the cover of and stick my hand down there maybe I can r! each it. (Takes the cover off and sticks her hand down there and feels around.) Ahhhhhh, I can’t feel anything. When mike gets here I’ll just have to get him to help me. I am such an idiot.

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