by Heather ( website)

261 words (2 minutes)

      I saw her again today. Walking past my house. It doesn't matter how many times I see her, I am still shocked by her beauty. She is beautiful, how can something so beautiful...?(trails off) I wonder where she goes everyday, maybe uni, or tafe, or maybe she works as a model, or in a music store, she looks that type. She sees me sometimes, sitting on the porch and smiles weakly, maybe it hurts, she probably has little to smile about.

Everyday at 10 she walks by, at least I think it's everyday, when I've been out there at 10 I've always seen her and worried about her. I wonder who she lives with, why her life is the way it is, I know why she hurries down the street like a school girl bound for home from her house up the street, but I do not know who it is that... (trails off again) How can someone not worship such a beautiful creature? How can someone make something so perfect live such a life of pain?

I saw her again today, she has some new bruises on her neck and cheek, the other ones are darker now, I wanted to yell out to her, to tell her how much better she was than all this, than the life she lived, to tell her she was beautiful. She smiled up at me and then hurried down the street and my moment was gone. I am always afraid (pause) for her (pause) afraid someday a ten o'clock may pass without her passing.

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