by Kassy

217 words (1.5 minutes)

     (This is from the viewpoint of a girl whose best friend and moral/emotional support is leaving school. He helped her through her rape over the summer and they had just started spending more time together after 5 months of "don't have time anymore" excuses. This is her goodbye.)

      Okay, I'm not gonna keep you here long. In answer to your question,'re leaving, that's what's wrong with me. You don't write, you don't call. I will rarely, if ever, talk to you or see you again. I just got you back, the old you, the you that I loved to deathbecause you were the one who put up with all of the shit I over-dramatized last year. You helped me get the courage to dump a really bad boyfriend. You were the first person to know everything. You were my confidant, the only guy I trusted. I would have gone insane if I didn't have the consolation that there was at least one guy who wasn't a bitch.

     You put up with my major PMS days when I used to get mad at you for no reason at all. Hell, you were the only one who got away with calling me an airhead. You don't know just how much it helped to see you, whether we were fighting or not, whether you talked to me or not. I knew that if there was really something going on, you would listen. I gonna miss you. I miss you already. I think I've kept you here long enough. Goodbye. (mutter) I love you.

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