The Love Truth
by Heather

324 words (2 minutes)

     I always knew I'd have to speak at the funeral, I never wanted to, it seemed so final, like I couldn't pretend he was coming back anymore, because even though I know he isn't..... the funeral is what really ends the tiny little senseless hope in the back of my brain. I know what you all thought, we were too young, I know, you told us often enough. We weren't though, age doesn't define how much you love someone, I am 23 in a month and I know with all of me that in all those 23 years I was happiest when I was with Kevin. We were in love. I look around the room now and I see all you older married people nodding, I know what you're thinking; 'Yes', you're thinking,'I know what loves like, poor thing.' well if love is what you hve all experienced it's not a strong enough word. You all think love is liking someone, a lot, and knowing them well and being able to put up with them for more than 5 hours, well it's a little bit more romantic than that, but that's the general gist. That isn't love, I know because I've experienced it and I can tell you it's nothing like love. So because I really didn't know what to talk about today I've decided to talk to you about what love is like. (obviously very painful for her) Love is like, the excitement of Christmas day, when you're alittle kid and you can't sleep for all the excitement, til you pass out around 1 am. except it's not only for one day, it lasts forever. It's like the rush of a million rollercoasters all at once, only you never have to get off, and it's for free. It's like that breath of fresh air on one of those hot sticky nights, when you open you window and the whole nights seems to almost rush into your lungs. It's like one of those winter nights when it's raining and cold outside, and you know that you don't have to do anything, you can just eat hot food and read, or listen to music, without having to worry about anything. It's like that feeling when you try on a size 8, and it fits. Or when someone you don't even know stops to help you with something, or when you're having a realy bad day,(starts to cry) and you see him, and he smiles at you and you know..... you know everything's going to be fine. Long pause It's more than all of that, all at one time. Pause So today was supposed to be the happiest day of my life, jeez, it turned out wrong hey? I always used to watch those videos of the brides fainting at their weddings, and I'd think, that'll never be me, when I get married, I'm not going to be afraid, because I'll know that the man I'm marrying will always make me happy. He would have too, I wouldn't have fainted you know. I knew that Kevin would alwats make me happy, and he always will, but just not in person. Long pause. I don't know what heaven's like, but I think that I can guess..... If heaven is wonderful, it must be like love, and if it is, then at least I know Kevin's happy.

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