The Journal Entry
by Janiene Boznovitch

178 words (1 minute)

     I saw a snake today and screamed. Grandmother came running, and when she saw the snake she was angry with me. She said that a snake wasn’t worth getting upset over and that there are more important things in the world than coming over to see what’s wrong every time I see a snake, but she doesn’t understand. My brothers died in my arms, and all because of a snake and it’s venomous bite. Now every time I come across a snake, no matter what kind, I see my two brothers lying cold and lifeless in my arms. I feel their clammy skin against mine, and then the smell comes back to me, the sick, decaying smell of death. How dare she even think of saying that a snake isn’t worth getting upset over? If she has the right to feel sorrowful for the death of her husband why can’t I do the same for my brothers? I still love my grandmother but I will not stand by and let her insult the memory of my brothers!

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