Dried Leaves and Lima Beans
by Brette

262 words (2 minutes)

      Shhhhhhh…listen. I love that sound of leaves crunching. Doesn't it remind you of preschool and those big tubs filled with Lima beans and all these funnels and cups that you'd pour them in? Did you have that? One day in preschool a girl brought this crinkled up tissue for "sharing." She walked around the room and when she got to me I looked inside the tissue and there was this Lima bean covered in all this slimy stuff. Apparently she had stuck the bean up her nose and had to go to the doctor's to get it unstuck from her nasal cavity. I think that was probably the weirdest thing I saw until I was about seven.

     On my seventh birthday I had this party at some park. My mom forgot the candles for the cake so she stuck carrots in there to pretend. See, my mother made this cake, and my mother is not the most domestic person in the world and well, when she put the carrots in the cake the whole thing just collapsed in. Inside the cake part had shriveled up into this shrunken pit of brown goo the size of my fist. And the frosting was like a force field around it. I wish I had taken a picture of that. People would pay big bucks for something like that. You know modern art and everything. So yeah, that was pretty weird…

     Anyway, walking through dried leaves sounds like pouring lima beans into a tub, don't you think?

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