by Estela

189 words (1-1.5 minutes)

      What is love? Does it feel like this? How do I know? It's quite awful this feeling I have right now. I have butterflies but this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

( a little more manic) If I am in love then what happens if we get married? What if we do but we are so blind to see that we don't work together on that level? Then what if he goes and has an affair and then I find out and by that point we have four kids and a dog....

Then he runs off and leaves me here... (backing off) And then one morning I get this call AND HE'S DEAD!!! He committed suicide! (manic again)But he would never know I loved him because the last words I said to him were cruel and I didn't really mean it but now it doesn't matter because he's gone and I have to live with this the rest of my life! (back to mood at beginning) I will tell him how much i love him everyday and he will never get away or do anything bad....

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