by Sara Sellar

353 words (2-2.5 minutes)

      (A mother of 25 years of age talks about the stresses of having a 3 year old girl, and how her life changed dramatically.)

The mother: Three years ago my life was so different. I could do what ever I wanted when I wanted, Sleep in, have lots privacy, and every other luxury that comes with being 22 and single. Anyway that’s all changed now. Three years ago I met this guy, we had an awesome connection and we absolutely loved being around each other. Anyway I got pregnant and no he didn’t end up leaving like any other guy out there, he stuck around like a real man. But having to deal with this when you are so young it’s hard, all we could think of is what do we do now? Well we made a plan; we decided to move in with each other. He and I didn’t want to get married yet because we hardly knew each other and we had enough to deal with. So I was pregnant had a new boyfriend and a mortgage, now you would think I had an idea of how my life was going to change when the baby comes, but I really had no clue, reality came at me like a charging bull. I had to adjust with a baby that needed my complete attention 24/7.

Having the new baby was hard on both of us, we didn’t get much time to be intimate and when a baby is crying all the time it made us both really stressed out, believe me, sometimes we thought about ending it between us. But when the house was quiet and we got to be alone, we knew that we still loved each other and that the stress doesn’t last forever. Well three years later I have a little girl who I say gave me these 5 grey hairs at 25. (Pauses and looks down at her little girl and listened to what she is saying.) What sweetie, (pause and kneels down to be at little girls height) Awww that’s so sweet my girl, I love you too. (Stops, smiles and looks at audience) You know I might complain sometimes about how hard it is, but the reward is so worth it.

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