My Time is Up
by Alia

191 words (2 minutes)

Theater Setting: A chair

Character: An 18-year-old girl wearing regular (casual) clothes. She looks worn out, sad, defeated, and frustrated. She feels that the therapist is pushing her to tell what is wrong. She has just found something out that has devastated her. At the end she tells the therapist that she found out that is so horrible.

Do you really think this is working? God I hate therapy! What you want to hear it again? Fine! My best friend and I were to graduate and head off to college together. We had known each other since we were in diapers. We had plans to stick together forever. (Turns head away then back) But that all changed on senior fling. We were supposed to go out with friends but we went to a club instead. After we arrived Jamie wandered off and when I couldn’t find her I checked outside. I heard her complaining to a group of girls. (Stands up as if acting out the words) I was tired of her acting like that so I went up to her to stop her. She looked at me and told me she wished she would die. She was embarrassing us in front of everyone so I told her "I hope you get your wish!" I didn’t mean it. I pulled her into my car and we sped off. I remember that I kept leaning over trying to get her to put her seat belt on but she kept pushing me aside.

The next thing I remember is waking up at the hospital. The doctors said she died from severe blood loss. Her parents gave me some of her personal things a few days ago...I set them by the edge of my bed her diary fell open. I wasn’t going to read it. I wish I hadn’t. That’s when I found out why she had been so upset. (Stands up abruptly and crosses arms in front of herself) She was pregnant OK! Is that what you wanted to know!? Can I please go times up?

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