The Neighbor
by Yzzy

361 words (2.5 minutes)

      Liz shares a flat with her brother, James, and his partner, Stephi. In this scene Liz is speaking to Stephi about her pet mice Eddy and Freddy.(this should be done in a cockney accent)

LIZ (holds up woolly pom-pom) Look what I just made for Eddy and Freddy’s cage. Do you want to see me give it to them? (goes to cage) Hullo Freddy darling, you in your wheel are you? Oh, the little love, he’s a little muscle mouse. Where’s your friend? Where’s Eddy? Look at him, you can see his little mind going round. Eddy? Eddy? Come and see what Liz has got for you. (to Stephi) Who was that in the car with him? Was that Celestine, was it? (to mice) Oh yes, ain’t you a strong little mouse, you can spin that great big wheel all by yourself. Mind you don’t catch your tail, that’s what happens to little boys who show off. Eddy! I don’t know why Eddy won’t come out. (to Stephi) You won’t see James till morning then.

(pause) He’s a law unto himself though, ain’t he, you’ll never change him. I could never change him. He was such a lovely looking little boy though. (to mice) Oh yes, Freddy you’re a lovely looking little boy too, you’ve got a lovely pink nose and it’s ever so pointy. Go and get Eddy for me. Go on. (to Stephi) I hope Eddy’s alright. He might be sick, mightn’t he. I ought to take of their roof and see what he’s up to. (does so) Oh, look at you, you sleepyhead. Here, what you got there? Show Lizzie. Oh! It’s a baby! It’s a tiny little baby. Fancy that. Did you ever see anything so tiny? Looks like its made of jelly, don’t it? It’s like a jellybaby with hands. (reaches into cage, then, to Stephi) I’m only going to put it next to its mother. Eddy won’t mind. (to cage) Where’s your little baby gone, Eddy? Look behind you, you stupid thing. Oh blimey, look at that, will you? She’s eating it. Horrible little thing! Eating it! Her own baby! (to Stephi) I shouldn’t have touched them! It’s against their instincts ain’t it. You told me not to touch them. You mustn’t disturb them, must you. But it’s unnatural, ain’t it? I shan’t give them that pom-pom now. It’ll go straight in the bin.

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