One of the Guys
by Tina

336 words (2-2.5 minutes)

      When it comes to the guys, I'm just one of them. We go to the arcade and I beat every single on of them at every single game. When we go play a game of baseball, I lead in the most runs and, when we play football...well...lets just say that I know how to make a boy cry when I tackle them. (smiles big) They call me, "the terminator" because I can beat up any boy, no matter how big, and make him go running home crying for his mommy. (pause) Why do I hang out with a bunch of guys? (pause) simple...I hate girls. I mean, all of their little frilly dresses and skanky skirts and revealing tops! I don't think so. And the Make-up! What is up with that? All the eye...lip...and finger nail junk. Its enough to drive a person crazy! (beat) My parents are ALWAYS on my case because all I have are guy friends. They constantly complain and say, (mocking) "Anne, you need to get more girl friends, blah, blah, blah." or, " You need to start acting like a young lady! blah, blah, blah!

" They drive me crazy! Just because I hate hanging around with girls, there is no reason to get on my case! I am who I am so LEAVE ME ALONE!!(pause & beat) (remininscing) I remember for christmas's when I was little. I got all sorts of cool toys, like the power rangers. Boy were those cool. But, there was always this one present that I hated! Every stinkin' year I would get...(leans forward) are you ready? A DRESS!! and not only that but it was PINK!! I wanted to shoot myself in the eye! It was the grosest thing ever! (beat) But, I'm over it now. They just didn't know any better. Well, the boys and I are off to play a game of football (grabs a football from underneath her chair) I wonder how many of then I can gert to cry this time! (smiles and then runs off stage)

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