Popular Girls
by Danielle

322 words (2-2.5 minutes)

      People always think that the “popular” girls lead the perfect lives. But that is totally not true. Actually, it’s the opposite. We have the most messed up families. Just because everyone says “oh my god she’s so beautiful and rich” or “every guy loves her” it doesn’t mean were perfect. Me and my friends are far from it, but people don’t know that. I have a friend that could get any guy she wants, but she’s failing school and her parents are divorced. Now there’s always the short loud one in the group and needless to say she’s not perfect either. Her parents always fight and she thinks of running away every night.

I have my own problems too. People all look up to me and think I’m so cool. They do anything I ask. But when I look in the mirror I know I’m not the person I want to be. Sure people see us as having everything we ever wanted, but really its not like that. We just have to put on a smile and act like we don’t have a care in the world.

I look around at the so called “nerds” and they have such strong friendships and loyalty towards each other. I’m not saying me and my friends don’t have that too, because we do but not in the same way. Some of us back stab each other to get what we want and a lot of the popular girls are two-faced. I have even said some trash about my friends. Sometimes I wish I could just be one of those nerds and come to school with my hair a mess not caring what people think. You cant be that immature girl you love to be when you get home because you have to live up to what other people expect from you. You have to change for the people. It’s so hard to be popular!

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