Punk Girls
by Matsuko

280 words (2 minutes)

     How can you be so calm? I'm in a crisis here! This is eating me up from inside out! I'm stinking. And putrid from the rot of my own pathetic spiritual indifference. Explain it to me. Help me to understand. I'm lost. The universe is exploding. It's blowing up. It's a car bomb right in our very souls (spray paint "NO HOPE" on wall or floor) I'm bubbling, gurgling in a death grip...and you talk about the goodness of the universe? The goodness of God? I'm talking about human suffering. I'm talking about the enormous amount of human pain arising from omnipotent design. Poverty, oppression, persecution, war, injustice, indignity. These are evils, manifestations of sin. Palpable, inescapable, undeniable. This is the dilemma of our age. This is the question. This is the root cause of helplessness, and hopelessness, and universal despondency, and rap music! Stop children from toiling for slave wages. Restore the Dalai Lama! Save Sri Lanka from genocide.Mass graves in Rwanda! . Mass graves in Bosnia. Mass graves in Cambodia. The starving in Korea. The starving everywhere. Decaying families under secret graves. The hand of God, the artwork of God in man. One million dead in Rwanda. Two million refugees in Tanzania. And Burundi. Oh God,what about Burundi? Where is god?

And you wonder why G.H.B., Xtasy!! And the rain forest! Unspeakable acts of suffering by governments, by military minds, warring tribes, political factionalism! Tears of innocent war-torn children! Soaking the crust of earth, right down to the grave...crystal, pot, speed, Drano laughing gas? Let's pray (softly muttering) Microsoft, Merck, RJ Reynolds, IBM, Microsoft, Sony, Hallmark, Microsoft, Proctor, Gamble, Microsoft. (falls to knees, mumbling a fervent prayer)

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