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     If you'd like to add one of your monologues to the growing collection of monologues for women and teenagers, this is where you do it. All credit will be given to you and a link will be displayed with your e-mail address and web site (if you have one). The monologue must be something that you wrote. I have had some problems in the past with this and it makes me feel like people are consciously trying to take credit from other people. If there is a published monologue you think really ought to be here, send me the book information and a short abstract and I can make a new section. I do not know the consequences of publishing someone else's work on the web, so I am not going to do it. So, submit something that is all your own.

Tips for better chances of inclusion:

  • You must edit and spell check your submission. Horrible grammar and scarce capitalization will not be tolerated.
  • Refreshing characters characters, ages and subjects, and subjects in monologues are encouraged. I already have lots about unattained love and body issues (If you want one of those included, it better be good!)
  • Please include your email address so that people can e-mail you if they have questions.
It's the hippest thing on this side of the Mississippi! Just fill out this form and you'll be on your way to stardom, Naranja style.

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